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Did you know that regular grooming contributes not only to your to your pet's physical health?  We have extensive knowledge on maintaining your pets coat and with regular appointments we can monitor any skin allergies or any abnormalities that may require your veterinarians attention before it becomes costly later.  

Pet Health

Temecula mobile grooming pet health
Skin Care

As a former Esthetician, I am knowledgeable and have studied skin care, even on dogs.  I am able to identify yeast infections, fungus, hot spots and allergies by inspecting your dogs skin below the dense coat.  I can also make recommendations and offer ways to make your dog's skin look healthy again.


With frequent grooming, your dog will be free of excess undercoat, tangles and parasites, reducing skin problems for a happier, content pet.


Temecula mobile grooming pet health
Teeth, Nails & Ears

Oral care is an important part of your dog's health.  I'm happy to inspect your dog's teeth and determine if your dog should be seen by a Vet or a licensed Dental Hygenist.  I always recommend the pet owner be diligent in caring for your dog's teeth on a daily basis at home. 


Most dogs need monthly nail trims, but this also depends on the breed and rate of growth and how often they get to take long walks. To avoid injury, never clip your dog’s nails until you have been taught by a professional. My services include nail clipping.


Some dog breeds are more prone to ear problems than others. Bacteria and yeast will thrive in the ears if they are not kept dry. I always clean your dog's ears and will inform you if I see any problems developing.



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