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I pride myself on giving your pet the best experience possible by using HydroSurge® bathing technology, which drives my luxurious shampoos through the thickest coats down to the skin while massaging your furry friend.  Adding a deshedding service to your pet's grooming reduces excess shedding by 90%.

​As a 3rd generation groomer, I have the talent and experience to provide you with quality and caring grooming for Temecula  pet owners and the surrounding areas.  

With every appointment, you can expect state of the art shampooing to reach the undercoat and skin, nail clipping, ear cleaning and of course scissoring to match your breed's needs.


Call or text me at (760) 978-0087 or email me your questions today and I'd be happy to provide you an estimated quote specific to your pet's needs and set up a monthly service for you.


Hug and Belly Rubs, 


Amy, Owner


Temecula Mobile Grooming
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